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  • Familiarity with Sony mirrorless cameras and a basic understanding of Canon 200 Video cameras are necessary for filming.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro is an essential requirement for video editing.


  • Video shoots and edits for news, features, as well as, documentary-style video material, as assigned, for use in TV broadcasts, digital platforms and OTT.
  • Incumbent serves as Director of Photography for special projects, as well as, for newsworthy interviews.
  • During the pre-production phase, closely works with a Producer to provide storytelling visual guidance, establish production values, assess locations including credentialing needs, shooting permits, equipment permits, and location scouting.
  • During production phase, incumbent executes video shooting that includes a variety of shots and angles. Gathers material to create full scenes, each of which helps advance the story. Applies visual language skills and creative techniques to achieve aesthetically pleasing, relevant and/or compelling images.
  • Video shoots may take place in Washington DC or may require several days or weeks of travel.
  • Lights complex scenes on location. Including two camera interviews; action video; video sequences, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Determines what gear to take to a shoot depending on the nature of the assignment, including lighting, audio, and video equipment.
  • Keeps Division equipment organized and accounted for. Keeps abreast of new technologies and reports to supervisor equipment needs for the Division. Researches equipment and assists during equipment procurement.
  • Keeps original filmed material properly archived and organized.
  • Video edits material gathered during assignments applying different techniques according to the nature of assignment.
  • Provides multiple versions of the same material according to distribution platform needs: Digital versions, News Package for TV shows; Long format or series for OTT and YouTube.
  • Video shoots and edits promotional material for special coverages as assigned.
  • Assists in daily and/or weekly TV shows with day-of video editing; chyrons and other production needs as assigned
  • Participates in line producing of TV shows when warranted.
  • Other duties as assigned.

JOB LOCATION: Washington, DC

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Country of citizenship MUST be indicated on CV/resume.


  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Portfolio/examples of work

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Digital content producer is responsible for finding and producing engaging story angles for social media and website in Ukrainian language. He/she will handle publishing logistics and streamline workflow for multimedia production. Ideal candidate must have a deep understanding of current events in the target region, US-Ukraine relations to:

• Be able to write sharp scripts, headlines, and other text while maintaining accuracy and upholding journalistic VOA standards;
• Analyze metrics, perform competitive analysis and industry trends
• Work with reporters and editors across the newsroom on social video opportunities (i.e. adapting TV scripts for social).
• Come up with original ideas on news content that would make for engaging social media story.

• 2+ of experience in developing journalism content, enacting marketing strategies
• 2+ of experience in digital video production and editing
• Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Photoshop expertise are a must
• Have a clear understanding of what our audience on social wants and needs from Voice of America
• 2+ of experience developing and managing content for websites, including feature, editorial, and social
• Bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing, or related fields
• Experience with content publishing systems, hands-on with a CMS.
• Experience with SEO, social and/or blog best practices, and social marketing campaigns
• Bilingual or multilingual (English, Ukrainian)

• A keen sense for use of photography, graphics, cinematography, typography, and visual hierarchy.
• Experience with designing and laying in GFX is a plus.
• A background producing and editing video in a newsroom.
• Ideas and knowledge to pitch innovative stories.
• Technical expertise with content publishing systems.
• Experience pulling and analyzing website and/or social traffic data.
• Ability to collaborate successfully across multiple newsroom teams.
• On-camera skills are a plus.

• Country of citizenship MUST be indicated on CV/resume.

• Resume
• Cover letter
• Portfolio/examples of work

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Ви навчаєтеся в американському Вузі, володієте як англійською так і українською мовами і хотіли б працювати телевізійним журналістом, продюсером або менеджером соцмереж?

Переходьте сюди, щоб ознайомитися із "Голосом Америки" а також програмою стажування тут.