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Adrian Karmazyn Selected as Chief of VOA's Ukrainian Service

Veteran Voice of America journalist Adrian Karmazyn has been appointed Chief of VOA's Ukrainian Service.

Karmazyn, 45, joined VOA in 1988, as an international radio broadcaster in the Ukrainian Service. He served in this capacity as a reporter, writer, producer, translator, announcer, and also served as a correspondent in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since 1999, Karmazyn has served as Program Manager of VOA's Ukrainian Service. During that period the Ukrainian Service significantly expanded its network of reporters in Ukraine and its cooperation with FM affiliates. In addition, Karmazyn oversaw the reorganization of Vikno v Ameryku (Window on America), a weekly TV magazine program, the launch of the daily Chas-Time television program and regular interactive satellite feeds with TV networks in Ukraine.

Karmazyn is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. He completed a B.A. in History at Ohio State University and a M.A. in Russian and East European Studies at the University of Michigan.

VOA's Ukrainian television and radio programs have a combined weekly audience share of 12.7 percent.

For additional information, Mr. Karmazyn may be contacted at: Adrian@VOANews.com. For programming information please visit VOA's Ukrainian Service website at: www.VOANews.com/Ukrainian.

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